QReflect™ Custom QR Code – Advertise your Instagram, YouTube and more!

Use a phone camera to scan these unique reflective decals and they will direct the user to the website of your choice! Great for advertising your Instagram™ account or YouTube™ channel on your bike, car, etc! Unlike traditional QR codes however, you can change the redirect link at any time with QReflect™!
SKU: 150750

You can change this in the future under "My Account".
E.g. http://something.com/user

$4.95  /pk of 6

Details and Specifications

QReflect™ Custom QR Code Decals

  • Point a cellphone camera at these QR code decals and the user is directed to a website of your choice, such as your Instagram™ or YouTube™ page!
  • Don't worry about your social media account name chanking or the link going dead - QReflect redirects through spen.co so you can update the link at any time!
  • Update your link at any time by going to "My account" -> "QReflect™ settings" and selecting the QReflect™ to update. Alternatively, you can scan any QReflect™ code and an "Edit" button will show at the bottom of the page if you're logged in to our website on your phone using the account you used to purchase that particular QReflect™ decal.
  • Note: If you want different codes to direct to different sites, we suggest entering the link you want and the quantity and adding each set to your cart separately. Even though you can change it later, you'll receive only the number of unique codes for the unique URLs entered when ordering.


The only reflective decals custom made entirely in-house at a bike shop! 

We can apply your decals to a new bike for free!

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