Old Site Info

What happened to the old website?

Prior to April, 2019, spen.co had partnered with a bike shop to offer web design and product catalog data integration and reflective decals through our online KitDesigner™ supplied by SPEN.CO Decals, as well as bicycle parts and accessories supplied through the bike shop. Unfortunately some accounting discrepancies have caused us to dissolve the partnership, and as the original supplier of KitDesigner™ decals, web design and hosting for the old site, the decal services and web operations of that company have been taken over by SPEN.CO Decals.

Please note that like any other modern brand, SPEN.CO Decals owns many domain names, and these do not necessarily represent the trade names that SPEN.CO Decals operates under.
SPEN.CO Decals is not affiliated with any bike shops or other businesses.


Do you still offer the same products and services?

While we've had to streamline some things and unfortunately no longer offer complete bicycles and bicycle parts, our core KitDesigner™ reflective decals are still the same! You can even log in with your old account from the previous website as well.


What if I placed an order through the old website?

All prior orders and account information has remained unchanged. We do apologize if this process has caused a delay in processing your order, but don't worry, we're working on getting orders out as quickly as we can!


Please give us a call or contact us with questions about products or orders.