How To Apply Decals


Before you begin, be sure to CLEAN your bike frame where you plan to put your decal. Use a clean rag and glass cleaner. Allow to dry for 2 or 3 minutes.


1. In some cases, movement or temperature extremes during shipping can cause decals to lose adhesion with the transfer paper. Before you apply your decal, place it on a hard, flat surface (don't apply it yet, just place it as you received it with transfer and backing paper still attached) and use a credit card to squeegee the decal. This ensures that everything is properly adhered.

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2. Use tape to hold the decal to your bike frame at one edge. Make sure the decal is aligned and level - it cannot be removed and re-applied.


3. Fold back the decal and remove the thick paper backing, starting at the free end and watching as the backing peels away - if any part of the decal stays on the backing, stop, put the decal back onto the backing, remove the tape holding down the edge of the decal, and repeat step 1.


4. Lay the decal down starting at the taped edge and squeegee the decal with a credit card, moving towards the opposite edge. If any part of the decal overhangs onto a curved part of the frame, squeegee it by moving from the center-line of the decal and towards the top or bottom as you press it down.


5. Go over the entire decal using your thumb and a "kneading" motion to press the areas where you can see the decal.


6. Remove the tape you placed on the edge. Now begin to carefully peel back one corner of the transfer paper, and peel it back at an angle. Keep it close and pull it back so that it's being "rolled" back, don't pull it away. Keep an eye on the transfer paper as you peel - if any part of the decal stays stuck to the transfer paper, stop peeling and press that section back down. Try peeling the transfer paper from a slightly different angle (but still keeping it close and not pulling away).




Smooth any air bubbles and ensure proper adhesion. You decal is applied.